Apparitions of Our Lady in São José dos Pinhais (Paraná - Brazil)
"My children, I need the help of each one of you so that these messages reach everybody around Brazil and even abroad.  Children, don't just stand there. Start straight away today; send out these messages written with so much care and affection over these past years. Don't be indifferent about my messages my loved ones." (10th April, 2011)

Paraná where São José dos Pinhais
when since 1988 - in progress
who to Eduardo Ferreira (15 years old when the apparitions began)
title Mystic Rose
church position the local bishop has been coming along to these events
why "I've been coming to São José dos Pinhais to teach you the path of love, prayer and pardon" (13th Aug, 2010)

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(taught by Our Lady to brother Eduardo on the 21st August, 1996)

Virgin Mother, Queen of Peace and Mediator of All Graces.
I offer and dedicate my body and my soul, my heart, everything I am, everything I have.
I devote myself to you for love and to love.  I offer up myself to your Motherly care.
Just like Jesus did all his life, I want to honour you, united with your heart.
Oh Mother, above all I want to imitate your purity, your humility, in short, all of your qualities.
Oh Mother, I want to dedicate myself to fight under your command so that the Kingdom of God comes.
Mother, welcome my act of consecration, accept me as your son and offer me to the Heavenly Father along with Jesus.
Help me be faithful until I die.
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary. Amen.

History of the apparitions
Eduardo Ferreira was born on the 31st July, 1972 in Itajaí, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.
His life began to change after the 6th January, 1983, when, in his back yard, he found a small image of the patron saint of Brazil - Nossa Senhora Aparecida [Our Lady who Appeared].
On the 12th October, 1987, at 12:35 p.m., four days after his first communion, Eduardo and his 7-year-old sister Eliete were praying in front of the image he had found of Our Lady who Appeared when suddenly a small blue light shone out from the hands of the image and lit the whole room up. Something special was about to happen to this young 15-year-old.

In his room, on the afternoon of the 12th February, 1988, at 6 p.m. Eduardo saw, for the first time, a young lady in white garments with a blue belt around her waist. On her right arm a beautiful transparent rosary glistened so very much. The young lady's hair was as black as night, her eyes blue, her face glowed with such great beauty. In this vision Eduardo noticed that the Virgin Mary was in a grotto and at the side there were many roses, of which he could count 54.  Later on, Our Lady told him that the number of roses represented secrets to be revealed. At the feet of the Virgin there was a small stream where a serpent appeared and wanted to jump into the water. The Virgin Mary trod on it with one of her feet.
Eduardo's second apparition of Our Lady was on the 18th February, 1988. The apparitions continued almost daily until the 1st January, 1996, when Our Lady revealed to him that she would appear on Thursdays and one day of the week without a set date. On the 12th February, 1997, Our Lady planned her apparitions for Thursdays, each 12th of the month and when the heavens needed to intervene with a warning message.
At the request of Our Lady, Eduardo left his professional nursing activities to dedicate himself entirely to the salvation plan of the Blessed Mary.
It was at the hospital that Jesus gave him his first message on the 23rd October, 1995.

On the 2nd February, 1996, Eduardo received the stigmata.
Since the 13th May, 1996, Eduardo has been receiving mystic communions from Archangel Michael.
Eduardo also experienced apparitions from St. Joseph the Chaste, spouse of the Virgin Mary, from the three Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, the Angel of Peace, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Sebastian, St. Catherine Labouré, St. Anthony, the blessed Francisco and Jacinta (two shepherd children from Fatima), St. Rita of Cascia, St. Pio of Pietrelcina and from St. Pauline.
Eduardo is mystic, having various charisms such as prophecy, healing, dreams, visions, bilocation and discernment of spirits. Eduardo was also persecuted at times, slandered, scorned and even threatened with death due to his having apparitions of Our Lady. From December 1996 until July 1997 he went through a lot of suffering. They were seven months of ordeals sleeping on park benches, on the beach, in bus stations and hostels. Relatives and supposed friends planned his death. All this suffering simply because he saw Our Lady. Calumnies were planted in his family. Priests and clergymen tried to detract from Eduardo's moral character. However, all this was in God's plan. During the time he spent in the street Our Lady appeared to him to comfort and assure him of victory.
In 1997 Eduardo set up home in São José dos Pinhais, in the state of Paraná, Brazil. It was in this city that Our Lady came to live. It's at the Ark of the Covenant grange, site of the apparitions, where Our Lady wants to allure her children to God.

The sanctuary in São José dos Pinhais, the miraculous image of the Christ Child and a photo taken during an apparition.

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